One year ago I made a Love Post on Facebook in honor of this month dedicated to love.

I recognize that love is the highest frequency that exists, is the creative force of the multiverses and our planet and humanity.  It is the breath of Jesus and the tears of Mary and the laughter of Buddha.  It is the spin of dervishes and the resilience of crocuses.  It is the allurement of 2 atoms to each other that sprouts the miracles of life.

Several friends joined this commitment to posting something to do with love every day on Facebook.  One reader dubbed us the “Love Poets.”  We made the commitment to put our attention onto love at least once every day and to find or write something  to share.  No matter what.   After a few weeks of making posts I found myself having to dig deep and find what is true and important about this word, this reality.

10 days into our project, on Valentine’s Day, 2018, there was another mass school shooting,  this time in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  I asked people  if we should continue posting about love even then, even under the volumes of this hard-cover grief and violence?  The answer was YES, you have to, especially now.

I began the posts because what I was hearing in the news and on the airwaves seemed to have little to do with our hearts, and more to do with fear.  When we are afraid, we are contracted and susceptible to the virus of walls and hate, distrust and contraction.  I know that we have a core self that is blazing bright beyond anything imaginable, and I know there is room enough for all of us.  In the words of Mother Teresa:  “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

I’m grateful that I belong to you and you belong to me.  This includes absolutely everyone, even those whose actions I abhor, who preach hate and fear, and cannot seem to have regard for others.   I believe that if we stand together and ignite the brilliant light within, that the worlds around us will transform inside and outside of us.

It’s simple, and almost impossible to do alone.  I’m grateful we have each other to blaze this path together.

We have made Love Posts for 365 days now.  Shall we continue?  Do you want to join us?  Shall we believe and stand together in this power greater than our individual selves?


– Valerie A. Szarek

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