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Hello, my name is Valerie A. Szarek. I’m an award-winning performance poet and musician, energy healer, Shamanic Practitioner and ceremonialist. I teach soul- centered writing workshops and host poetry events. I’ve been a leather-working artisan since 1973.  On this site you will find my performance and class schedules as well as other events of note, links to my books, CD’s and other items for sale, and some recordings of music and readings.

I live in Louisville, Colorado, and have owned and operated Breezy Mountain Leather since 1973, where I build handbags with stone-inlays. I call them “Healings to carry” as they are supportive and strong energetically and help keep people connected to your own strength and soul. I also make custom folios, book covers, wallets, etc.

I am finding myself more pulled towards words and music as these sacred containers, finding I can reach more people in a healing way through these avenues. Spirit has handed me this gift to share. My poetry is an invitation to go on a journey with me. It is accessible, clear, easy to follow and understand. We are in this walk together.

“You will never forget the first time you hear Valerie A. Szarek read one of her poems.”

Ginger C.
My Story

I’ve been a student at The Jack Kerouac School of Disenbodied Poetics at Naropa University for 13 years, and sign up for every poetry/literary festival and workshop I can find. I love pushing edges so my work remains fresh and experimental. I was the poet at The International Young People’s Leadership Conference. I’ve performed at the Karen Chamberlain poetry festival in Carbondale, Colorado, Ziggies, Denver Poetry Festival, Telluride Lit Fest, Aspen reading series, and the Mercury Cafe Podeo. I was awarded the Blissfest/ Excellence in Cultural Arts POET OF THE YEAR Award in October, 2018.

My poem “Letters to an Unknown God” won first place in 2016 in the National Poetry Federation Winner’s Circle contest. (My prize $$ purchased this iPad I’m typing this on.) My book “Signs of Life” won an EVVY award, was a finalist for the Colorado Author’s League poetry book of the year, and received 5 stars from The Writer’s Digest International Poetry contest.

Presence and an open heart are my most important values. I honor all of you who choose to journey with me. I take this honor seriously, and if you trust me and go with me, I promise you a safe return.

“I write to capture God in my hands, weave her into a poem, and read it to you.”

I am now offering writing workshops called: “Writing Into Sanity.” They are guided journeys with your pens, community, a drum, and whatever theme has presented itself. We write to locate ourselves within he seasons, important astronomical events, and sometimes world events. We work with our ancestors, metaphor, language, and guided imagery.

I will also be offering some power-tool making workshops, such as walking staffs. I will be performing and writing a lot of new work to support us in these challenging times.

I just purchased a sound system to enhance the effects of my music with my flutes, drums, rattles.