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Val has been studying and practicing Healing work from a very young age.

She was born into a family of psychic healers and explorers of all things spiritual.  She began practicing the healing arts in High School and began more formal trainings at the age of 19 studying the Silva Method in 1973.  By 1975 she was creating her own healing courses and teaching at centers and homes in Michigan and Colorado.

She has formally studied The Silva Method, Barbara Brennan’s Energy Healing Training through the Integra School of Healing Arts (1996-1999), Alchemical Hypnotherapy, (1998), and Shamanic Practitioner Training in the traditions of Sandra Ingerman and Michael Harner.  (2018-ongoing).

Val has been offering her healing work remotely and in-person for over 45 years.  Her clients have often experienced rapid healing of broken bones/sprains and strains/ fibromyalgia and other conditions.  They usually gain a greater sense of peace and groundedness, an increased core strength.  Let her help you connect to your guides and their wisdom.

Please contact Val to learn more or to schedule a session.