Medicine Poetry: Flute and Words for your Soul

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting.  I’m an award-winning performance poet and
musician, energy healer, Shamanic Practitioner and ceremonialist. I teach soul-
centered writing workshops and host poetry events. I’ve been a leather-working artisan
since 1973.  On this site you will find my performance and class schedules as well as
other events of note, links to my books, CD’s and other items for sale, and some
recordings of music and readings.  I will share about some other poets and writers that
knock my socks off.  (Sandals welcome!) I’ll post some musings, blog posts, and
excerpts of new poems as well
My poetry and art is humanistic, nourished by nature, and crosses the boundaries
between the seen and unseen worlds. Every offering here is an invitation to go deeper.
Me sharing with you who I am is an opportunity to know yourself and the world in a
fuller, richer way. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle
My poetry offers an invitation to know what you know, feel what you feel, and trust your
intuition more. I write about recovery, spirit, practice, politics and love. Sometimes all at
once. I write because I want to show up for you and for me, for our children and their
children, for the mouse in the woods and the heron on the edge of the pond.
I navigate this world as a Poet and find the doors open. I’ve swapped poems with the
IRS agent during my audit, and recited one to the curmudgeonly washing-machine
salesman, the investment agents and personal trainer. The doctor, therapist and vet all
know my poetry. Most of them cry, knowing they have been seen, knowing we are
walking this human life as family. Re-membering ourselves, again. Remembering
something beyond words, and ordinary life. See each other. My job as a Poet is to help
us see and remember each other as part of the integral web of all life. Empowered and
hopeful. I’m so glad you are here. Yes, you are here.
Please sign-up for my mail list to hear about up-coming events.  I look forward to
hearing from you!